Brno, Czech Republic, October 10-11, 2014

CEEGS aims to be a meeting place for academics, journalists, developers and members of the public to discuss the phenomenon of computer and video games. It builds on the three year long tradition of the national game studies conference hosted by Masaryk University.

The conference aims to tear down walls between game experts in particular countries in the region, as well as the walls between the academia and the industry.

Thanks to their shared history, Central and Eastern European countries also share many specific features in the field of computer and video games, which have become an integral part of the mainstream culture during the last decade. A large number of game studios (over 30 in the Czech Republic alone) are competing in the globalized game industry, while reflection of games is entering the mainstream of academic research.

The conference will be divided into two sections:

On the first day (Friday), a series of academic presentations will take place, targeted at students and scholars. The contributions, which will be selected in a peer review process, will focus on the specifics of games in the Central and Eastern European region. Despite the regional focus, the conference will be open to academics from other countries in order to facilitate international cooperation. The main guest and the keynote speaker will be Espen Aarseth (IT University of Copenhagen), a renowned game scholar and one of the founding fathers of the discipline of game studies.

The second day (Saturday) will focus on development, journalism and the business sides of games and feature speakers from both major and independent game development studios. Many companies from Central and Eastern Europe have millions of fans over the whole world and became major players in the global industry. It is them who should be able to define the specifics of local game industry.

Conference fee: Early bird [until 2014/09/26]: 25 EUR / 690 CZK
Regular [after 2014/09/26]: 40 EUR / 1100 CZK
Conference fee for students: 10 EUR / 270 CZK / For regular students
(Students of Partner universities: Masaryk University, Charles University, University of Łódź and Constantin the Philosopher University for FREE! - student card required at the event)

Press release

Organizing institutions:

  • MU Game Studies association, Brno, Czech Republic
  • Deparment of Media Studies and Journalism, Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic
  • Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism, Faculty of Social Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic
  • School of Media and Audiovisual Culture, University of Łódź, Poland
  • Department of mass media communication and advertising, Faculty of Arts, Constantin the Philosopher University, Nitra, Slovakia


Espen Aarseth (IT University of Copenhagen):
The main guest and the keynote speaker of the first day from IT University of Copenhagen, a renowned game scholar, author of Cybertext: Perspectives on Ergodic Literature, and one of the founding fathers of the discipline of game studies.
Sos Sosowski (McPixel):
The mad scientist of video games and keynote speaker of the second day. Creator of Thelemite and McPixel and many other games you have never heard of. Hopeless game jam addict.
Petra Opělová (Square Enix):
Petra has worked in PR and Community Management for companies such as Crytek, Rovio Games, Video Games Intelligence, and DICE 2013. Currently, she is working on an unannounced project at Square Enix in London where she also contributes to Square Enix Collective that aims to help new indie developers get the spotlight their games deserve. You can follow her on Twitter.
Jan Kavan (CBE Software):
Composition and Interactive music teacher at JAMU. Jan Kavan is active in the international community of independent artists he works with as a sound designer and programmer. Developer and composer of J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars.
Jiří Zlatohlávek (Bohemia Interactive):
Jiri is a sandbox and platform designer at Bohemia Interactive on Arma 3, currently responsible for Steam integration and DLC strategy. Before video games, he designed role-playing and transmedia games. He has a pet card game project. Follow him on twitter talk to him about #games, #gamedesign, #ux and #larps.
Jaroslav Kolář (Blizzard and EA):
Working in Abc Data as Product manager. Portfolio: Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, C.I. Games. Responsibility for Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Hungary.
and more...


First day

Keynote speaker: Espen Aarseth
(IT University of Copenhagen)

For the full lineup click here .

Themes of conference:
  • History
  • Current Issues
  • Culture, theory and representation
  • Games in education and research
  • Players and cultures
  • Studying game industries
  • Game development
Second day

Keynote speaker: Sos Sosowski (McPixel)

For the full lineup click here .

Themes of conference:
  • Industry and development talks
  • Industry panel discussion
  • Games for change
  • History in contemporary games
  • New directions in game development and industries
  • Workshops
  • Documentary screening


Brno, Czech Republic
Joštova 218/10

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Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic. It hosts many fascinating history evidenced by many architectural and artistic monuments or cultural institutions and museums, as well as several major game development studios, such as Bohemia Interactive Studio, 2K Czech, Amanita Design, Madfinger Games and others smaller indie game studios.

Masaryk University is the second largest university in the Czech Republic, founded in 1919. University comprises 9 faculties and over 200 departments and institutes. It is one of the most important teaching and research institutions with a strong position in the Central European region.


For any enquiries related to the CEEGS: ceegs@gamestudies.cz or call +420 604 708 317.

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